Computer Graphics for Printing

Computer graphics packages for printing allow you to supplement the text with illustrations of different origins, create a page design and products to print with high quality.

Adobe Photoshop

A review of the image processing software used in graphics is worth starting with Adobe’s Photoshop raster package. It is something like a sample for comparison with other programs of the same purpose: these programs have the means for color correction of scanned images, photo retouching, allow to use special effects and masks, necessary for editing and editing raster images.

Adobe Illustrator

Vector package Illustrator of the same company Adobe is designed to create illustrations and develop a general design of the pages and is focused on outputting finished images with high resolution. The package allows you to create shapes and symbols of arbitrary shape, and then scale, rotate and deform them. In addition, Illustrator contains a wide range of tools for working with text and multipage documents.

Corel Draw

Among the fairly common packages of illustrative graphics, it should be noted CorelDRAW vector package Corel Corp., which has already become a classic vector drawing program. The package is intended not only for drawing, but also for preparing charts and editing raster images.

Introduction to computer graphics and animation

Computer graphics appeared long ago – in the 1960s there were full-fledged graphic systems alredy. Today we are using computer graphics (CG) and computer animation (CA) terms. The concept of computer graphics includes all kinds of work with static images, computer animation deals with dynamically changing images. Combine graphics and animation allows the abbreviation of CG&A.

Computer graphics – input, output, display, transformation and editing of graphic objects under the control of a computer.

Computer animation – making images alive on the display screen, the synthesis of dynamic images on the computer.

No matter how rich the softwer for raster CG&A is, a significant part of the working on image building should be done manually, including drawing intermediate frames in the animation. In this regard, raster packages can be attributed to the means of computer painting. And the current 3D image is easier to create with the help of vector graphics: its technology allows giving instructions (commands) to the computer, guided by which it builds images with the help of algorithms embedded in the program. This method is more like drawing, and often three-dimensional.